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We’ve be enjoying (or semi-enjoying) some winter weather lately. Snow doesn’t happen often here in our neck of the woods, so it’s best to take advantage of the wintery mix while it lasts. Personally, I like that winter visits our area once a year, especially because it doesn’t visit for too long.

Since the snow started falling after all the kids were in school, the dog became my default subject. Like many retrievers, he loves the snow. He even decided to take the opportunity to go for an unexpected swim during our snowy walkabout. He didn’t appreciate the bath that followed.


Playing Cops & Robbers

I enjoyed playing cops and robbers as a kid. Acting as the copyright police as a professional photographer isn’t as much fun. You get some really interesting results when you conduct a reverse Google image search. One of my most popular images, Agave in black and white, has been placed without permission on many, many sites. I’m guessing the international recognition honor it received from the Black and White Spider Awards art competition helped fuel it’s viral spread.

Sometimes the use is flattering, but permission to post was never requested:

Sometimes the use seems innocence, but it is still theft:

Stolen to enrich someone else’s “art:”

At least I’m represented on Pinterest, my happy place:

Then there are the lewd sites. People see stuff in botanicals. Guess I’m in good company with Georgia O’Keeffe. Except my fans seem to be all male.

I’ll step off my soapbox now. I’m not trying to be a downer. I’m just asking everyone to respect artists and their work. Many of us are happy to share. Just ask, ok?

I’ve been excited to get some bluebonnet portrait sessions squeezed in between our spring storms. I love Texas in the spring, but sometimes it can get a bit too exciting! Happily I had some wonderful models. Aren’t they all too cute?






Tiny Valentine

Working on my most recent shoot: newborn portrait session. My subject is just the sweetest little guy. He has got to be the tiny model I’ve ever work with too – only 5 lbs. Pics to be posted soon.

peek-a-boo lady bug

Art Show

After the holiday craziness has settled and once school has started, I become more inspired and free to chase imagery. Lately, I’ve been quite busy preparing and submitting my new works for the upcoming Visual Arts Guild of Frisco‘s member art show.

The show, Flora and Flauna- Flavors of Life, is now on display in the Gallery at the Frisco Discovery Center. The artist reception is this Saturday evening, from 7:00 till 9:00. Go support local artists and enjoy the free wine!

Here are some behind the scenes images from that recent photo session.

lady bug

lady bug

peek-a-boo lady bug

peek-a-boo lady bug